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Mortgage Services


We offer financial services for our clients through our close partner, Australia One Stop Finance (AOSF).

Whether if it is to scan the home loans market, refinance an existing loan or obtain a construction loan, AOSF can take on the challenge for you. Cooperating with banks and financial institutions to provide a wide range of mortgage solutions, AOSF will match your passion to secure the right deal.

At all times, AOSF aims to save their client’s time and eliminate unnecessary costs. Starting from analysing your situation as a first home owner, investor, refinancer, or owner occupier moving to your next home, AOSF will tailor a plan that suits your financial strategies and mortgage needs.

AOSF is there for you whenever you need them and are contactable by mobile.


How it works:

  1. AOSF meets with you to understand your needs
  2. They scour the market for the optimal product
  3. Provide options and consultation
  4. Help with paperwork to satisfy the loan criteria
  5. Will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish


What type of home loans can AOSF help you with?

Residential investment loans (or investment home loans)

Are you planning to buy an investment property or refinance your existing investment? AOSF will assist you towards your goal of building financial wealth and help you to access and sort through a wide range of home loans to find the ideal one that best suits your investment strategy.

Refinance your home loan

Refinancing your current home loan can provide you with the opportunity to save money, access equity and switch to a loan with better rates. However, there are times when refinancing is not the best option for you and might cost you more in the end. AOSF will help you to assess this and search for a product with more competitive advantages.

Owner occupier loans

Whether you are buying your next home to upsize or downsize or you are purchasing your first home, AOSF can help you in whatever circumstance you are in and prepare you for success.

Construction Loans

Looking to build your own home, purchase a house and land package or renovate your existing home? A construction loan is designed so you access money as you need it during construction and only pay interest on what you draw down. These progress payments help you to maintain better cash flow while construction is being carried out.


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