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H&T successfully established itself in the Brisbane and Melbourne property market while cementing good relationships with respected developers. As new top sales records were achieved its market value significantly increased and top sales agent awards continued to be received.


Acquired 8 years of intensive industry experience. Expanding nationally by opening new H&T offices in Brisbane and Melbourne. Pioneered a new standard. After 8 years of hard work and dedication, with more than 400 investment seminars held across Sydney. In regards to property investment in Australia “We are the one”.


Winning Billbergia’s Top Sales Award 4 years in a row. For two years running, winning the Sydney China Business Award. Offering investors access to the biggest range of quality investment properties nationwide.


Actively seeking opportunities to give back. Charity work is imbedded into the company’s core culture. Volunteering and fundraising for public awareness for the disadvantaged youth in Cambodia. . Awarded with “Top Five Sales Agent Award” from Australia’s largest residential developer Meriton.


Moved to its current headquarter, located in the prestige HSBC centre on George Street. The Sydney Chinese Golf Association was formed. Acting President Jerry Chen served as an ambassador started the “Australian Chinese Student Union” empowering youth to find direction and purpose.


Won the “2010 Best Sales Agent Award” from the Billbergia Group Sydney premier waterside developer.


Expanding the talent pool by recruiting the brightest minds in the industry which shares the same passion for excellent.


After extensive research H&T Realty was born. Located in the heart of CBD, the mission was to create the 1st Chinese property investment consulting company build on Honesty & Trust. Expanded nationally by reaching out to Chinese communities through continuous contributions. H & T offers regular free educational Property Investment Seminars in your local area all over Sydney.


Founded by Jerry Chen in Sydney Australia. Hundreds of books on property investment was added to his personal library.